Shadowbook, Writing Through the Digital 2014-2018

I’m pleased to announce my very own INC publication, which is a collection of five translations into English of essays written in the past years, and one new piece I wrote especially for this booklet. Shadowbook: Writing Through the Digital 2014-2018 was published and printed thanks to a grant from the Dutch Literature Foundation and the Van Doesburghuis. Its realisation marks my upcoming stay in the Van Doesburghuis this summer.

About the book: What happens to our everyday language in the digital sphere? How does ‘the post-digital condition’ change the world in which we think about ourselves and talk to one another? In Shadowbook: Writing Through the Digital 2014-2018, Miriam Rasch investigates these questions in five experimental essays and one exposition. From the way the smartphone molds the language of desire and friendship to the possibilities of writing a ‘spreadsheet novel’ – Shadowbook is a testimony to post-digital writing by way of writing. It salutes both the beauty of the web and what hides in the shadows. Even in the bright and shiny sphere of the digital, the dark side is never far off.

With a foreword by Maria Fusco.

Shadowbook is freely downloadable in PDF and EPUB format and has a small print run of 300 copies. Order your copy here, free of charge and with free shipping. On the INC website there is also the possibility to make a donation – this of course would be highly appreciated. All donations will go to a next print run or publication project.


In Spring 2022, Shadowbook has been included in VETGEDRUKT, the online bookshop with work from Rotterdam artists.



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