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  • Shadowbook

    12 updates van schaduwzijde. Link

  • Real-time autobiography: presentation @ Mix Digital 3, Bath Spa University, July 2nd 2015

    Real-Time Autobiography: Autofiction and Autofiction Real-time Autobiography from miriamrasch ‘Autofiction’ has been named as ‘the future of the novel’ again, based on the work of authors such as Ben Lerner, Karl Ove Knausgård and Sheila Heti. The mid-20th century term takes on a new meaning by operating explicitly in the context of a digitalised environment. […]

  • Four axes: Literature in the digital age

    The context or background to where my overall question about Literary Writing and / or the Web comes from: Four axes can be discerned along which a lot of the available research in the field of literature in the digital age revolves: technology, publishing, reading and writing. These can be named ‘procedural’ because they deal […]

  • New project: Literary writing and the Web

    New project: Literary writing and the Web

    How does literature or literary writing develop under the influence of digital media and the internet? What characteristics do web-based literary texts have, specific to the digital medium they appear on? How are such characteristics reflected in more traditionally set up and published literary works like novels, short stories and poetry issued by renowned publishers […]

  • Presentatie van de Digital Publishing Toolkit in Brazilië

    Even mocht ik aanschuiven in het zomerse Brazilië… om de Digital Publishing Toolkit via Skype te presenteren op het Simposio Literatura e Informatica. Hieronder de opname, het verdere programma vind je hier.

  • Online (kunst)kritiek // Hybrid criticism

    Bij de presentatie van het nieuwste nummer van tijdschrift Kunstlicht op vrijdag 18 oktober had ik de eer iets te mogen zeggen over online kunstkritiek. Vanuit mijn eigen ervaring in de online literaire kritiek en met de overgang naar digitaal publiceren, kwam ik uit op wat ik heb genoemd: hybrid criticism. Hieronder mijn praatje. Goedenavond […]