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  • 40, Een fictief smartphone-essay over vriendschap – download gratis of t.e.a.b.

    40, Een fictief smartphone-essay over vriendschap – download gratis of t.e.a.b.

    In samenwerking met De Internet Gids – online pendant van Nederlands oudste literaire tijdschrift – is het experimentele e-boekje 40 verschenen. Een fictief essay, speciaal geschreven om gelezen te worden op de smartphone. Het is de derde editie in de reeks DIG Cahiers, die bestaat uit nieuwe, literaire publicaties van Nederlandse bodem. Ieder werk is […]

  • Literary Writing on the Web: 10 excellent examples & personal favorites of new writing online

    ‘How do we write when we write online?’ is the question asked by the first item on this list and by the list as a whole. We write a lot online; that’s for sure. Of course, there are discussions about the mobile phone destroying our sense of grammar, about image-biased media overturning the craft of […]

  • Four axes: Literature in the digital age

    The context or background to where my overall question about Literary Writing and / or the Web comes from: Four axes can be discerned along which a lot of the available research in the field of literature in the digital age revolves: technology, publishing, reading and writing. These can be named ‘procedural’ because they deal […]

  • New project: Literary writing and the Web

    New project: Literary writing and the Web

    How does literature or literary writing develop under the influence of digital media and the internet? What characteristics do web-based literary texts have, specific to the digital medium they appear on? How are such characteristics reflected in more traditionally set up and published literary works like novels, short stories and poetry issued by renowned publishers […]

  • Elevate Festival interview: privacy, data, Facebook, Snowden, …

    Elevate in Graz is een supertof festival met muziek, kunst en discussie waar ik het geluk had te gast te zijn. Ik nam plaats in twee panels: Reality is the Next Big Thing en Media & Technology. Op het Vimeo-kanaal van Elevate zijn de panels terug te zien en ook veel korte interviews met gasten […]